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​After your roof has been treated and the fungus totally eliminated, a maintenance program is recommended to prevent the return of fungus. As long as you have the WetWorks roof maintenance program, we guarantee you'll never have stains for the life of the roof.
How do you get rid of FUNGUS?
​Although cleaning the roof with a high pressure water hose might temporarily eliminate most of the visible fungus, most of the fungus remains embedded in the shingles, to quickly cause future problems. In addition, high pressure water treatments damage your shingles over time, causing granule loss and shortening the life of the shingles. Keep in mind, the granules on your shingles are the source of not only the color of your roof, but also your heat-reflective protection. Granule loss should be avoided. Using a liquid foam cleaner and a fungicide which kills and loosens the fungus, utilizing a low pressure clear water rinse, to flush away the dead fungus. Frequent use of chlorine on your roof can trigger unwanted side effects to you roof, causing shingle deterioration and brittleness, as well as causing damage to the shrubs and sod around your home. Moreover, some studies have shown that the chlorine as a fertilizer to eventually promote even further growth of the fungi.

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