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How does the condition of my roof affect my home and property?
Since your roof drains on to your home, pavement driveways and surrounding property, any existing algae, fungus, or mold will follow. If your gutters and downspouts are not cleaned regularly, water may build up on or around your home and increase the number of insects or pests on your property. Your gutters may also begin to rust. Rust drainage may stain your driveway and damage the surrounding foundation.​

What is the recommended way of maintaining my home?
Every home is different. Some may have more hanging trees that will quicken algae and gutter clogs. In general, a home should be pressure washed minimally once a year to preserve the appearance. WetWorks offers a Roof Maintenance Program which may consist of an initial clean followed by a chemical spray twice a year. This may vary depending on the condition of your home and greenery that is surrounding your home.

Why your roof shingles are turning black! ​Remember the first time you looked up at your roof and noticed those black stains appearing on your shingles? This is a common occurrence in Florida. Even on a roof with (so-called) fungus resistant shingles, the fungus protection can begin to fail as little as 1-2 years. Florida’s hot and humid climate, fungus will grow on your roof shingles leaving stains that spread across the entire roof unless treated.

  The best way to treat roof fungus. ​The best way to treat this fungus problem is to secure the services of a professional roof cleaning company. Using a liquid foam cleaner and a fungicide which kills and loosens the fungus, utilizing a low pressure clear water rinse, to flush away the dead fungus.
Why is it important to maintain the exterior of my home or business?
Maintaining your home or business appeal and quality is important for making the best of your investment. Additionally, stains on your home over long periods of time may require expensive repairs and cleaning services in the future.

What about my roof?
​Keeping the roof clean is essential to maintaining the structure and appearance of your home. Regular maintenance programs that WetWorks Cleaning Services offers will do just that. As shingles age and are subjected to extreme weather, they deteriorate. WetWorks Cleaning Services understands this and will clean your roof using low pressure and apply an environmentally safe product to preserve the life of your roof. Additionally, we offer a semi-annual program where we apply this product to maintain the appearance of your roof and also assist in preventing fungus spores from originating.

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